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Our Philosophy

We are storytellers.

Pollution is a digital content agency, specializing in telling stories across a wide variety of platforms. We cut our teeth making music videos, and many of our directors still shoot with the biggest names in the business. Those roots taught us to tell branded stories (the musician as marketer) and to embrace creative collaboration. We learned how to work fast, squeeze budgets, and dance with opinionated clients ­­ without surrendering quality.

Like the music video world, the new media landscape is an interesting paradox: ­­ skyrocketing content needs coupled with dwindling budgets. Our solution to this modern problem is a return to the old media production model: the studio. To be lean and efficient, we have integrated all of our resources under one roof. Our hub is Pollution:Studios, a three­-warehouse complex that we’ve filled with film stages, l​ights, cameras, and s​et builders,​as well as dedicated creative, production and post-­production spaces. This allows us to deliver production value that always exceeds our budget while ​also ​fostering a dynamic and exciting creative environment.

Full Service.

More recently, we’ve been applying our skills and resources at the agency level, catering to clients who need powerful creative in addition to robust production services, and appreciate the efficiency of having both teams under one roof. We are fluent in the language of our clients and our creatives. Plus, we have dedicated social media and influencer relations divisions focused on what happens to the content after it’s been created.

Our capabilities are broad, and we’ve told stories for everything from textbooks to electronics. Our central focus is on three distinct categories: Parent + Baby Products, Craft Food + Drink, and Fashion + Lifestyle. Though disparate, these are industries with passionate and informed fans who are eager to interact with great content — ­­ niches in which we’ve become industry experts and built an extensive network of content creators. Everything we do is part of our mission to create, tell, and distribute the best possible stories.